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I as a South African I'm feeling proud of Hungry Lion because it's our product but lately I have problem.You add too much spice as a result I have asked my wife not to buy from my Hungry Lion anymire because I'm suffering from high blood pressure therefore to continue with your meat it's making things worse. You can check around East London especially at Amalinda.Yho most people will end up suffering with blood pressure if you don't stop this or you can't re check your menu asap. Sincerely yours. Mr Jamela.

Hi,Mr Jamela

We apologise for your bad experience at our Amalinda store. We have done a lot of work to get the salt content perfect and it saddens us to hear that this has not been your experience.

We encourage you to highlight this with the store manager in future,alternatively provide a picture of your receipt and meal on our WhatsApp line and we will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks and regards

Hungry Lion

Customer Care

Hungry lion #favourite
Hello is this frenchas available in india

Hi, Sumanth

Thank you for your interest in Hungry Lion, unfortunately we do not have franchises avaiable.

Kind regards

Hungry Lion 

Customer Care

Hello, can you advise about franchise in Zambia
Hi joe. Thank you for your interest in hungry lion and it was a job at work. I am staying with mukuka police state police on 1 state 13.

hello, i am a business man based in Sasolburg who currently has a franchise with another brand but not in the chicken market and would like to find out about franchising this beautiful brand, I was looking at Heilbron and wanted to find out how much is the overall costs.

kind regards

I need job opportunity
Good day please can you help me i have got so manny voucher for hungry lion but we do not have a branch near potchefstroom Northwest South Africa
How can I become your agent? Kindly provide guidance
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